Q: Who made the boards? 

A: That would be Alex and Enrique. They're the 2 sides of the brain behind these boards. Combining creativity, instinct, experience and craft, they made them happen.


Q: Why did they make them? 

A: Everything starts with an idea. Alex and Enrique wanted to inspire themselves and those around so they made just a couple of these. A lot of people wanted their own. Thus, an idea was born. What if everyone can enjoy an InspiroBoard?  


Q: They look gorgeous. Can I order a custom one? 

A: Sure thing. Just reach out to us at hi@microapps.com and we'll be happy to hook you up with any custom type of design that you can imagine. It might take a while to create it though. You can't rush the art.


Q: Can you ship the board to ... ? 

A: Definitely. We can ship to any of the 195 countries (at the time of the last update) of the world.


Q: Are the boards made from sustainable materials? 

A: Absolutely! We love the Earth. By purchasing one of our boards you will be helping sustainability of our dear planet.


Q: Is it true that you guys live in one of the sunniest places in the world? 

A: Oh yeah. We live in Costa de Sol which is known for ridiculously beautiful weather, lots of fun, great food and Pablo Picasso ;)